We partnered with SINTEF Digital pre-project presenting preliminary results of a state of the art study of measurement techniques adapted for detection of fish school and detection of seconds tracers from drones.


Techni AS was established in 1997 and has since then evolved to becoming a leading R&D consultancy. Techni has worked closely together with Birdview with concept development of probability test and our structuring of a standardized system for our clients.


Pilot customer, innovation and project partner on Focus Pelagic.
IMR has been a dedicated partner and advisor within the development of a tool used as control of abundance and measurement of volume and species selection from purse seine industry.

IMR is our advisor and project pilot partner that provides Birdview with everything from acoustic knowledge to general environmental case studies of pelagic fish species to contribute to a commercial tool for fisheries so we can maintain diversity within our oceans.


Funding and grants provided by Innovation Norway for two of the existing projects, a financed pre project within oil and gas followed up by a development innovation funding for developing UAS for fisheries.

The grants has both been granted for 2019-2021.


Large fishing operations are investing in automation and new digital technologies such as drones and artificial intelligence (AI), thereby further improving their efficiency and competitiveness compared to small-scale fisheries.
AFRODITE LDA will develop PELADRONE solutions and services for small-scale fisheries in Portugal to collaborate with emerging drone, AI, and other digital technology from Norway in a user-driven innovation project guided by universities in Portugal and Sweden. This will be achieved through collaboration with BIRDVIEW AS and OCEAN TECH HUB LDA.