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Our company was founded with the vision of utilizing maritime drones to enhance the gathering of biomass information for fishing vessels, surpassing the limitations of current methods. By doing so, we aim to enable better decision-making processes that save both time and money. To achieve this, our drones have been meticulously designed to excel even in the most challenging and demanding conditions. Additionally, we have pioneered an innovative technology that enables drones of any size to take off and land on mobile platforms such as ships, in addition to their exceptional resilience, our drones offer a remarkable level of autonomy and are accompanied by user-friendly control software. This compelling combination positions our drones as a valuable investment for fishing fleets seeking to enhance their operational efficiency. By integrating our drones into their fleet, they can achieve greater productivity and streamline their processes with ease.


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As our technology revolves around customized maritime drones, it possesses the inherent flexibility to adapt and excel in various information-gathering operations within oceanic environments. This unique characteristic makes our drone systems exceptionally well-suited for extracting valuable data from challenging structures, such as underwater oil wells. With our drones, the task of acquiring information from these typically inaccessible locations becomes more feasible and efficient. To enable this, a drone would be fitted with a winch that lowers sensory equipment down under the water line and communicates with the oil well to gather the needed information. This way, removing the need for divers or expensive underwater vehicles. To facilitate this capability, our drones are equipped with a specialized winch system that efficiently lowers sensory equipment beneath the water's surface. Through seamless communication with the oil well, our drones effectively collect the required information. By implementing this innovative approach, the need for costly underwater vehicles or manual intervention, such as divers, is eliminated. Our drone technology offers a more cost-effective and streamlined solution for underwater data gathering.


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Our exceptional technology, which enables seamless take-off and landing on moving platforms, combined with our specially designed drones engineered for extreme environments and challenging conditions, positions our drones as the ideal choice for demanding surveillance operations. The synergy of our innovative take-off and landing capabilities and the ruggedness of our custom-built drones ensures unparalleled performance and reliability in the face of challenging scenarios. When it comes to surveillance in difficult environments, our drones excel and offer a superior solution. With our range of solutions encompassing both electric and hybrid drones, you can discover the ideal choice that aligns perfectly with your specific requirements. Whether you prioritize an all-electric solution or a hybrid model that combines the benefits of different power sources, we have the flexibility to cater to your needs. Our diverse options ensure that you can select the most suitable drone solution that meets your preferences and operational goals.


Our exceptional drones possess the remarkable ability to collect information from both above and below the waterline, rendering them exceptionally well-suited for tasks such as inspecting offshore windmills in the vast ocean. This eliminates the necessity for separate hardware dedicated solely to underwater inspections, resulting in significant cost and time savings. With our versatile drones, you can efficiently and effectively carry out comprehensive inspections, streamlining operations and maximizing efficiency.